Hike Lush Alpine Meadows
Away From the Crowds

Tumbling, blue glaciers and vast icefields form the backdrop to all Icefall hikes

Summer at Icefall Lodge

Situated at treeline, Icefall Lodge is the perfect base for incredible hiking trips in the Canadian Rockies. Lush alpine meadows start right outside the door, and the seracs and tumbling icefalls of nearby glaciers gave the valley its name. 

A well-maintained network of trails gives easy access to some of the most scenic viewpoints in the area. Enjoy guided or self-guided hiking trips among some of the highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies.We offer guided and self-guided lodge-based hiking trips where guests return to Icefall Lodge every evening. 

We also offer a non-technical hut-to hut hiking trip between the Rostrum Cabin, Icefall Lodge and the newly built Kirwan Cabin.

The Rostrum and the Kirwan cabins are comfortable cabins with dorm-style sleeping arrangements for up to 10 people. The cabins are equipped with functional kitchens, sunny decks and indoor pee-toilets. 

Icefall Lodge itself consists of 2 buildings and a sauna with a change room and two shower stalls. The new lodge built in 2008 is a bright, three-story building with log posts and much of the lumber used in its construction was milled on site. It has 4 bedrooms on the upper floor, kitchen and dining on the main floor and a large mudroom and drying room on the ground floor.

The original lodge built in 2005, affectionately called “the old lodge”, provides an additional 5 bedrooms and a cozy living room.  Icefall Lodge can comfortably accommodate 18 guests in the 9 bedrooms, some of which have double beds and others, single beds. Both buildings have mind-blowing mountain and glacier views, wood stoves and indoor pee toilets. 


Tivoli and White Lines

White lines is the prominent rock buttress that can be seen when looking northeast from the front deck of Icefall Lodge. The trail contours through forests, meadows and crosses several streams and eventually leads to a flat viewpoint directly across from this 300m cliff. 

The trail then descends through wide rock ledges toward the La Clytte stream and crosses it. On the other side, the trail ascends to the looker’s right of the streams coming down from the glacier above and eventually reaches a plateau and a Y junction (2,250m). 

The left branch (Tivoli) traverses the rocky flats and glacial moraines and makes its way to the toe of the La Clytte glacier (2,350m) which offers stunning views and is a beautiful spot for lunch and a little rest. 

Distance: 5km one way
Elevation gain: 500m one way

The right branch (White Lines) follows a band of white rock to the ridge, and then up the ridge. The last 150m to the summit of Luna Peak (2,700m) consists of a scramble. Luna Peak offers a 360-degree panorama, looking down on the lodge, the La Clyttle Glacier and across at the Mons and Lyell Glaciers. This is also the approach to the Lyell Hut. Despite being such a high peak surrounded by rugged glaciers, this hike is non-technical. It can feel a bit exposed in some places. 

Distance: 7km one way
Elevation gain: 750m one way

Espresso Ridge

This is the long, scenic ridge that rises directly behind the lodge. The trail takes a detour through alpine meadows and wildflowers before traversing back to the ridge. The high point is a lookout on the ridge at 2350m (7800 feet).

There are outstanding views of Mount Forbes, the highest peak in Banff National Park. From the lookout, the trail descends the opposite side through meadows and small streams, eventually traversing beneath the base of the ridge back to the lodge. 

Distance: 5.5 km loop
Elevation Gain: 480m(4-5 hours)

Another option is to continue up the bench on the west side of the ridge to Troll Pass. This high vantage point looks across at the glaciers and icefalls on the north face of Mt Kemmel. To the north, you can see the Columbia Icefields.

Sunny Ridge to Keffi

The hike to Keffi is a scenic loop to a treeline pass which looks across at the blue ice on the toe of the La Clytte Glacier. The path crosses several small streams and meadows starting the same way as the Tivoli Trail. 

The trail branches off and climbs a spectacular ridge to the saddle we call Keffi. There is one short, exposed section on this ridge, the rest is a broad rounded ridge with wildflowers. Along this ridge you’ll have views of the blue ice of the La Clytte Glacier to the east.

From Keffi the route descends gradually to the meadows and loops back down. 
For those concerned about the exposed section, you can do this trail as an out and back, simply turn around once you reach the exposed section on Sunny ridge. 

Distance: 7km loop
Elevation Gain: 500m

Another option to extend this hike is to link it to the Espresso ridge loop. Once you cross the ridge, you can traverse the pass and connect to the Espresso ridge trail. 

Icefall Canyon

This is truly one of the most spectacular hikes anywhere.

The Lyell and Mons Icefields, which cover over 50 square km, send glaciers down to the rim of this canyon. Waterfalls, up to 600m high, spillover from all sides of the canyon and even from the rock. 

This trail starts from the Kirwan cabin at valley bottom and follows Icefall Brook and sheer limestone walls all the way to the back of the horseshoe shaped canyon. Along the way, countless waterfalls and caves will emerge from the walls, and when you reach the back and stand below the waterfalls, you will be in awe, and you will feel the pure, untamed power of nature.

Distance: 2km one way
Elevation: nearly nul - valley bottom trail)

Rostrum Trail

This trail traverses above Kemmel Valley at treeline, offering spectacular views of the Lyell Glacier and Division Peak to the east. There is little elevation gain as you traverse out to the ridge.

From the ridge, you have a unique perspective with a view into the Icefall Canyon to the east, the high massive face of Rostrum Peak with its tumbling glaciers and seracs to the west. The trail turns the corner into the Rostrum Valley and leads to the newly completed Rostrum Cabin.

Distance: 8km one way
Elevation: 500m one way