Hike Lush Alpine Meadows
Away From the Crowds

Tumbling, blue glaciers and vast icefields form the backdrop to all Icefall hikes

Hut-to-Hut Hiking

Not to be confused with the high-level Icefall Traverse which is more of a mountaineering trip, this is a completely non-technical hiking trip. It links up the Rostrum Cabin, Icefall Lodge and the new (to be completed fall of 2021) Canyon Cabin. The three cabins offer very different but equally spectacular mountain scenery.

The Rostrum Cabin is set under the dramatic face of Rostrum Peak, with broken tumbling glaciers draped over the East Face. A 9 km treeline traverse through alpine meadows and wildflowers brings you to Icefall Lodge. Along the way, you will get glimpses of the waterfalls of Icefall Canyon. You will spend two nights at Icefall Lodge with the relative luxury of electricity and running water. Many trails bring you through alpine meadows, small streams and stunning viewpoints.

The next day, you descend through old-growth forest to the valley bottom. There you follow Icefall Brook up a couple of kilometres to enter the one-of-a-kind Icefall Canyon. It is a 600 m deep hole carved into the surrounding limestone cliffs. Glaciers push to the edge of the canyon, and dozens of waterfalls cascade down on all sides. Because of the recent glaciation, there is no forest in the bottom of the canyon, so there is always a full view of the waterfalls.

You will spend the night at the Waterfall Cabin and fly out the next morning. Until the Waterfall Cabin is completed, you can base at Icefall lodge for a trip and spend one night at the Rostrum or do a day hike down into the canyon.