Hike Lush Alpine Meadows
Away From the Crowds

Tumbling, blue glaciers and vast icefields form the backdrop to all Icefall hikes

Hut-to-Hut Hiking

Not to be confused with the high-level Icefall Traverse which is a mountaineering trip, this hut-to-hut hike can be completed either as a loop or an out-and-back trip with an overnight stay at the Rostrum Cabin. 

The Rostrum Cabin is set under the dramatic face of Rostrum Peak, with broken tumbling glaciers draped over the East Face. A 9 km treeline traverse through alpine meadows and wildflowers takes you from Icefall Lodge to the Rostrum Cabin.

3-night trip : You will fly into Icefall Lodge where you’ll spend the first day getting familiar with the area. There are multiple hiking options around the lodge. You will spend the first night at Icefall Lodge.

The next morning, you’ll set off to traverse over to the Rostrum Cabin where you’ll be spending the second night.

On day 3, you’ll hike up into alpine meadows and toward Ice Pass. Over the pass you’ll encounter glaciers and magnificent views everywhere you turn, and you will descend back to Icefall Lodge for the last night of your trip. 

(Total of 2 nights at Icefall Lodge, 1 night at the Rostrum Cabin)

4-night trip : Essentially the same itinerary as the 3-night trip but you will spend 2 nights at Icefall Lodge before heading over to the Rostrum Cabin. 

(Total of 3 nights at Icefall Lodge, 1 night at the Rostrum Cabin)