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Steve Ogle

Steve Ogle

The Lodges

Icefall Lodge has two completely separate ski touring areas 140 km apart. Snowfall Lodge is in the Selkirk Mountains east of Revelstoke and south of Rogers Pass. It has one lodge that sleeps 17 guests and has a ski touring area of 38 square km. Staging for Snowfall is out of Beaton, south of Revelstoke.

Icefall Lodge is the original lodge and is in the Rocky Mountains north of Golden. It sits on a 200 square km ski touring area. In addition to Icefall Lodge, five other huts and cabins are spread out through the tenure near Icefall.  These smaller huts sleep 12 and allow guests to access and ski the huge tenure. The Alexandra Cabin welcomes 8-10 guests on guided ski weeks based out of the cabin during the winter.

The Rostrum, Lyell and Mons are used by guests based out of the lodge during the winter. You can base at the lodge and spend one or more nights during the week at one of the satellite huts. This greatly expands the area you can ski and adds variety to the terrain you can ski. Even in bad weather, there is tree skiing to be had at the Rostrum Cabin.  You will never have to ski tracks.

In the Spring, Icefall Lodge and the satellite huts are linked up for the spectacular Icefall Traverse. This is a 6-night ski traverse between the lodge and four huts. Along the way, you will ski some of the longest ski runs in Canada.

The Kirwan Cabin was completed in the summer of 2023. It is at the base of the Icefall Brook Canyon and is surrounded by 600m high waterfalls. Thundering and misty in the summer and frozen, blue and silent in the winter, it is destined to be one of the best ice climbing venues in the world. It can be visited on skis from Icefall Lodge but does not offer much skiing terrain.

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Two Tenures

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