Hike Lush Alpine Meadows
Away From the Crowds

Tumbling, blue glaciers and vast icefields form the backdrop to all Icefall hikes

Self-Guided Hiking

Surrounded by the rugged peaks of the Canadian Rockies, Icefall Lodge is the perfect base for trekking in wilderness solitude. Although the lodge shares a border with Banff National Park, it is far from the crowded hiking trails of Lake Louise and Banff. With over 200 square km of wilderness, Icefall Lodge is far from any towns, roads or signs of civilization. While this is more than can be explored in a week, it does ensure plenty of options and no crowds.

With over 100 species of flowers, you are walking through a brightly coloured carpet. The mountains are some of the highest in the Canadian Rockies. These include Mount Forbes, the highest peak in Banff National Park. Tumbling, blue glaciers and vast icefields form the backdrop to all the hikes. There are over 30 glaciers at Icefall and, the well-maintained network of trails gives easy access to some of the most scenic viewpoints in the area.


With over 15 years of trail work, there is a large network of well-maintained trails at Icefall. Most of the trails, especially those closer to the lodge, are well marked and easy to follow. A self-guided trip is a great option for those looking to explore at their own pace or have a flexible itinerary. Prices for self-guided hiking include  helicopter transportation and meals provided by our chef. GPS tracks of the trails are available to download in the links below. If you are unsure about traveling in the mountains on your own or in a group of similar experience then you should consider a guided trip.

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