Hut-To-Hut Hiking

Hut-to-Hut Hiking

Fly off into the BC Rockies this summer and explore peaks, ridges, alpine meadows, waterfalls and so much more of the breathtaking vastness surrounding Icefall Lodge. Reserve a 3 or 4-night Hut-to-Hut hiking trip linking the Rostrum Cabin, Icefall Lodge and the newly built Kirwan Hut.

Trips run from Mid-July to Mid-September.

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What's Included

✓ 3 or 4 Nights at our Comfortable Cabins and Lodge

✓ Meals and Snacks Prepared by Lodge Chef

✓ Hiking Guides

✓ Sauna at Icefall Lodge

✓ Breathtaking Views

✓ Remote Wilderness Setting Far From The Crowds

Hike through alpine meadows, stunning viewpoints, and cascading waterfalls as you make your way to one of our comfortable cabins for the night.

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Sample Itinerary

3 Night Trip


Guided : $1,900 + gst

Day 1 - Meet at our staging area and hop on the helicopter for a 20 minute flight into the Rostrum cabin. At the cabin, you can lighten your packs, lace up your boots and set off to explore the area for a half day hike.

The Rostrum Cabin is set under the dramatic face of Rostrum Peak, with broken tumbling glaciers draped over the East Face. The views are breathtaking and the cabin is comfortable.

After the hike, soak up the quiet serenity and enjoy the sunset and stargazing.

Day 2 - Breakfast at the cabin, pack up and set off on a 9 km treeline traverse through alpine meadows and wildflowers as you travel from the Rostrum Cabin to Icefall Lodge.

There are stunning viewpoints, lunch spots and all kinds of rock formations along the way.  

Once you reach Icefall Lodge, you will be greeted with appetizers by the lodge chef and enjoy a cold one on the deck. Some like to test their limits by taking a cold dunk in the glacial waterfall while others prefer to wind down in the sauna.

A delicious dinner will be served and you will enjoy a good rest in the double occupancy private bedrooms.

Day 3 - From Icefall Lodge, the hike to the comfortable Kirwan Hut, built in 2023, is 7.5km of descent and up/down walking.

You will hike down through an old growth cedar forest until you reach  valley bottom. The trail then follows the valley with some ups and downs until you reach the Kirwan Hut.

Once you get there, you can lighten your packs and set off on a 4km roundtrip walk to visit the countless waterfalls of the Icefall Canyon. The power of the waterfalls will leave you energized and in awe.

Day 4 - The trip ends with breakfast and coffee while the sun comes up.

The helicopter will pick you up mid-morning and take you back to our staging area.  

We say no more and let you experience it all for yourself.

4 Night Trip


Guided : $2,050 + gst

The 4-night trip follows the same itinerary as the 3-night trip except that you will spend 2 nights at Icefall Lodge (instead of 1) before making your way to the Kirwan Hut.

An extra day at Icefall Lodge allows for an additional hiking day in the alpine above the lodge and is a great option for those looking for a bit more hiking and exploration.