Self-Guided Ski Weeks

Mary McIntyre

Access remote ski terrain in comfort

Groups are welcome to book Icefall or Snowfall without a guide. The area surrounding Icefall lodge has complex avalanche terrain, cliffs, high alpine and heavily glaciated terrain. It is recommended that all self-guided groups be competent in avalanche safety, glacier travel, and mountain conditions. All group members should be comfortable assessing and making decisions regarding their safety while backcountry skiing. If the group is unsure of their ability or experience, it is recommended that they hire an ACMG Ski Guide or IFMGA Mountain Guide or go on one of the guided weeks.

Self Guided groups are generally required to book the whole lodge. Catering is provided for self guided weeks, self catered is not an option. The helicopter flight in and out of the lodge is also included. At Snowfall Lodge self guided weeks are available in December, January and April. At Icefall they are available December and January.

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What's Included

✓ 7 nights comfortable lodging at Icefall Lodge

✓ Accommodation for 17-20 people

✓ Remote wilderness setting far from the crowds

✓Access to all lodge amenities, including sauna

✓ Access to over 20 peaks, 30 glaciers, and 100 runs

✓ Helicopter transport to and from the lodge

Self-guided ski weeks are available at both Icefall and Snowfall Lodge.
Check out our lodge pages to learn more about the amenities and terrain at each location!

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Additional Considerations

Icefall Lodge is a long helicopter flight in. It is more remote than most other backcountry lodges. You won’t see or hear anybody else during your stay; no helicopters, snowmobiles or roads. This remoteness also means that outside help is not readily available. All self-guided groups coming to Icefall should be prepared for self-rescue in the case of an accident.

For communication, Icefall has a radio repeater which covers most of the skiing area. There is also satellite internet. The custodian or cook will have a radio, but it is also recommended that groups have additional radios. These can be rented from Icefall but must be arranged in advance.

There is a weight limit of 40 pounds per person. This includes your ski pack, personal gear, beverages or anything else that you may want to bring up. Skis are not included in this weight but you are limited to one pair of skis.

There will either be a cook or custodian at the lodge. They will probably want to come skiing with the group but won’t act as a guide or offer advice on where to ski.