Trip Logistics


You are responsible for your own transportation to the helicopter staging area. There is limited public transportation available, and usually, the best option is renting a vehicle if you aren’t driving your own vehicle.

Icefall Lodge is based out of Golden BC. The staging area is 15 minutes west of Golden on the Trans Canada Highway. It is north of the highway on Donald Cemetery Road. The normal exchange for Icefall Lodge is 9 am  MST time.

Snowfall Lodge is based out of Revelstoke. The staging area is south of Revelstoke near Beaton. The staging area is 6 km from Beaton on the Fish River FSR. It takes about 2 hours to get from Revelstoke to Beaton, including the ferry ride from Shelter Bay to Galena. The normal exchange for Snowfall Lodge is 9 am PST time.


There is satellite internet at the lodge available for limited use, as well as a base radio and repeater. There is no cell service.

Helicopter Flights

All winter trips are fly-in, fly-out, usually one week with a Saturday exchange.

Staging area: For Icefall Lodge and the Alexandra Hut, the Heli Staging Area is in Donald, 20 minutes west of Golden, BC, on the Trans Canada Highway. Turn north on Donald Cemetery Rd, between the railway tracks and the Columbia River. For Snowfall Lodge, staging is in Beaton, about 2 hours south of Revelstoke. From Beaton, take the Fish River Road to km 6.

Weight limit: Because space is limited on the helicopter, we limit your personal gear to 2 small packs, each under 40 litres. Your combined weight allowance, including skis and beverages, is 55 pounds. Do not bring large, wheeled  or rigid duffel bags. See the gear list below for required items.

Time: 15 minutes one way, 30 minutes return

Cost: Generally, the helicopter flight is included in the package. However any extra helicopter flights due to excess baggage, late arrival or special flights mid-week are the responsibility of the individual.

Poor weather: If we are unable to fly on the designated day, you are responsible for your own accommodation but will not be charged extra if you are unable to fly out of the lodge. It is good to leave a day leeway with any transportation arrangements, especially flights.


Payment is by cheque in Canadian funds or e-transfer from a Canadian bank (preferred method).

You can pay by cheque in foreign funds, and you will be credited the amount received at our bank. This is about 2% less than the posted rate. The posted rate is a neutral rate halfway between the buy and sell rate.

For foreign payments, you can also do a bank transfer which usually works out to be a better rate.

We do not take credit cards.

Booking Policy

A deposit of $800 per person is required to book the trip. The balance is due four months before the start of the trip.  If payments are not received on schedule, Icefall Lodge reserves the right to cancel your booking in which case your deposit will be forfeited.

It is recommended that you buy cancellation insurance at the time you book the trip.

Gear List

Winter Gear List:

- Skis with alpine touring bindings
- Alpine touring boots with walk and ski mode
- Ski poles
- Climbing skins (make sure they are cut to your ski)
- Avalanche transceiver.
- Shovel
- Probe
- Gortex Jacket and Pants
- Ski touring or mountaineering pants
- Long underwear tops and bottoms
- Gaitors, unless integrated into your pants
- Scarf or neck gaitor
- Fleece or wool pullover or jacket
- Ski socks
- Camera
- Day Pack
- Water Bottle
- Sunglasses
- Sunscreen
- Lip Stuff
- Goggles
- Sun Hat
- Warm Hat
- Gloves
- Headlamp
- Toothbrush
- Towel
- Hut Clothes
- Earplugs
- Drinks, preferably in cans not bottles
- Ski crampons may be necessary some weeks

Please make sure you have worn your boots on several tours before this trip and that they are comfortable. If you have a problem with blisters make sure that you bring moleskin or second skin and apply it before problems develop.


We do not give refunds if you can’t make the trip. You are responsible if you miss your trip for any reason, including but not limited to, missed, delayed or cancelled flights, road closures, Customs and Immigration Canada, personal or business reasons. Icefall Lodge reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a trip, in which case you will be refunded. It is recommended that you buy cancellation insurance at the time you book the trip.

You may have another individual go in your place provided they have sufficient skills for the week. If another person is taking your place on the trip you need to inform us in writing. Any replacement is responsible for following the payment schedule in the booking policy.

Covid 19

The following is an outline of procedures that will be followed at the lodges this winter to minimize the chance of COVID spread. We have a more detailed document for staff that we can provide if people are interested. There will be a lot of procedures that staff will be doing during your stay to keep the lodge clean and safe. It is important that you do your part to help. These procedures may evolve as the season progresses, or there are new public health directives.

With vaccines now available, it is required that guests be vaccinated to come to the lodge.

There will be a pre-trip questionnaire that you will be required to complete before you get on the helicopter. It is important that you do not come up to the lodge if you have symptoms. This is probably the single most important thing that you can do.

If you develop symptoms during your stay at the lodge, it is important that you inform a staff member immediately. If this happens, there is a spare room that we will have you isolate in so that you don’t spread it to others. The lodge will be at reduced capacity to accommodate this.

-Wear a mask when indoors and within 2 m of other people. You will also need to wear a mask in the helicopter.
-Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer frequently.
-We will generally keep staff separate from guests. No guests are allowed in the kitchen.
-The sauna will be open to 2-3 people at a time so that they can shower.
-For sleeping arrangements, it is two people/ room. There will be a spare room in case people develop symptoms during the trip.

At Icefall, the lodge will be divided into two cohorts, the old lodge and the new lodge. Groups will eat dinner in shifts based on these cohorts. At Snowfall, it will be divided into the front and back of the lodge.

Food will be plated by staff for breakfast and dinner. For lunch, there will be a lunch table supervisor who will make sure that people use sanitizer before making lunch. Also that they don’t touch their face while making lunch and will sanitize utensils between people. People with any symptoms will not be allowed at the lunch table.