Ski Touring

Enjoy a remote backcountry ski touring lodge nestled in the Canadian Rockies, north of Golden, British Columbia. Deep powder, steep trees, ski summits, long runs and spectacular glaciers make this the best ski holiday in the world.  The remote location ensures no other skiers, just the group you came with. No other commercial operations such as heliskiing are allowed in the tenure area.A deep, reliable snowpack. Located on the western side of the divide, the high peaks to the east provide the lifting that results in huge snowfalls. The many glaciers surrounding the lodge are evidence of the consistently deep snowpack.

The Experience

  • Comfortable lodge with sauna and shower

  • Over 200 square km (50,000 acres) of prime ski terrain.

  • Two satellite huts allow hut to hut skiing

  • Hut to hut traverses

  • Helicopter access

  • Longest ski runs of any ski touring hut in Canada

  • Easy access from Calgary Airport

  • Remote wilderness setting far from the crowds

  • Access to many of the highest peaks in the Rockies including Lyell and Forbes

  • Potential to add Helicopter drop offs

Are you ready for adventure?