Mons Hut

Mons Hut offers some of the best high alpine skiing anywhere. The hut sits at the toe of the Mons Glacier and has quick access to at least 8 different glaciers including the North Glacier of Mount Forbes. Ski mountaineering includes peaks such as St Julien, Cambrai and of course Mons Peak. The Hut sleeps 12 dorm style, has a propane oven, heater, hut shoes and solar powered lights. It has a full kitchen set up, mattresses and blankets. Guests will need to bring a sleeping bag liner and food.

Icefall lodge mons hut

Hut Access

Mons Hut is the starting point for the Icefall Traverse. In the summer or on skis this is a spectacular high alpine hut to hut traverse. The hut is normally reached by helicopter but in bad weather the helicopter may have to land up to 400m below for better reference. From the Hut you can see the broken Icefall of the SW Lyell Glacier and the top of the Icefall Canyon
Mons Hut Traverse

Mt Forbes

The Mons Hut is often used as a base for Mt Forbes. At 3612m it is the highest peak in Banff National Park and the 6th highest in the Canadian Rockies. While the north face has been skied, it is a bit on the extreme side most winters. The North Glacier is a beautiful ski right from the base of the face. It is also popular as a summer mountaineering objective. Either way it is a big day.
Mons Hut


The Hut sleeps 12 dorm style. It is supplied with a propane stove, all cooking and eating utensils, mattresses, blankets, propane heater and solar lighting. While blankets are provided, guests will need to bring a sleeping bag liner and food. There are hut shoes and a couple pairs of rubber boots. It is similar in design to the Lyell Hut but about 30% larger.


  • Sleeps 12 dorm style

  • Propane oven

  • Heater

  • Solar powered lights

  • Full kitchen setup

  • Mattresses and blankets

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