Lyell Hut

Lyell Hut is the highest elevation ski touring hut in Canada. Perched on a rock outcrop and surrounded by glaciers on all sides, the Lyell Hut offers access to some of the best mountain terrain anywhere in the world. Situated at 2860m (9400′), it sits on the shoulder of Christian Peak (Lyell 5). You can be on the summit of Christian Peak, watch the sun set and ski down to the hut in the last light. ┬áThe amount of terrain the Lyell Hut opens up is mind blowing. All five 11,000′ Lyell peaks can be skied in a day trip from the hut. There are over a dozen glacier runs right out the door. It offers access to monster 7000′ runs that descend from the summits of the Lyells into Lyell Creek to the north. The Hut is well equipped allowing you to travel with a small pack and save your energy for skiing.

Icefall backcountry ski terrain

Hut Access

Lyell Hut is the mid way hut on the Icefall Traverse. It is normally accessed by the South West Lyell Glacier after a descent from the Mons Hut. This route takes you past the rim of Icefall Canyon. This chasm drops 600m from the rim above. The alternative high route from the Mons involves traversing along the crest of the Great Divide for 5 km to arrive at the Hut. This has spectacular views but is usually only done in good weather.
Mons Hut approach

Wild West

The Wild West drops 2323 vertical m (7,620 ft) from the summit of Ernest to Lyell Creek. This is a big day by most standards but it is made possible by starting from the Lyell Hut and finishing at Icefall Lodge. This gives a bonus of 1000m as you start the day much higher than you finish. This ski runs descends through complex glaciers and Icefalls into a deep cirque. It is one of the most spectacular ski runs you can do anywhere in the world. There are 2 other ski runs that descend into this same cirque; The Deep End and War and Peace. These also have the elevation bonus. While these runs can only be attempted in good weather and good stability, if possible they will be the highlight of your ski week.
Icefall backcountry ski terrain


The hut provides dorm style accommodation for up to 12 people. It is supplied with a propane stove, all cooking and eating utensils, mattresses, blankets, propane heater and solar lighting. While blankets are provided, guests are required to bring sleeping bag liners. There are hut shoes and a couple pairs of rubber boots.


  • Sleeps 12 dorm style

  • Propane stove

  • Propane heater

  • Solar powered lights

  • Full kitchen setup

  • Mattresses and blankets

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