Icefall Traverse

The Icefall Traverse is a hut to hut traverse through some of the best ski touring terrain in Canada. You will travel through complex glacier terrain past some of the highest peaks in the range carrying only a light pack. This may sound like the Haute Route or other tours in the Alps. The only difference is that you won’t see anybody else around, just the group that you flew in with. This traverse incorporates the two newest huts in Canada. The Lyell Hut (completed in 2009), and the Mons Hut (completed 2010). It also stops at the more comfortable Icefall Lodge for a couple of nights where you will enjoy the sauna and shower. In the right conditions this traverse can allow you to ski the 3 longest runs in Canada, all over 7000 feet vertical.


  • Dates: April 1-8 Spaces, April 8- 15 Spaces, April 19- 26 Spaces, April 22- 29 Spaces, 2018

  • Price: $2400 + GST

  • Enquire for more details. It may be possible to arrange other dates or itineraries.


  • ACMG certified local guides

  • Accommodation in the mountain huts and lodge

  • Helicopter transport in and out

  • All meals

Sample Itinerary

The traverse starts by flying into the Mons Hut. The next 2 days will be spent exploring the area around the Mons Hut. Possible objectives include Mons Peak, Cambrai or the North Glacier on Mount Forbes. At 3612 m, Mt Forbes is the highest peak in Banff National Park. The run on the North Glacier takes you right up to the imposing north face.

After 2 nights at the Mons Hut we traverse to the Lyell Hut on day 3 getting a glimpse into the Icefall Canyon on the way and possibly ascending Christian Peak, Lyell 5, in the evening twilight. The next day we will cross the Divide over into Alberta and ski Rudolf, Edward and Ernest (Lyell1, 2 and 3). Day 5 is a traverse over to Icefall Lodge with a net elevation loss of 3000 feet. The standard route is over Crampon Col but if conditions are good and the group is up for it, there is the possibility of skiing one of the long runs into Lyell Creek. The “Wild West” is over 2300m (7600′) vertical drop.

At the lodge you are treated to sauna, shower, and many other comforts. The next 3 nights are spent here. The last day is a climb up over Ice Pass and then a long run down the Rostrum Valley to Icefall Brook.

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