Guided Weeks

This is the ultimate ski touring holiday. Deep powder, comfortable lodge, local guide, cook, and gourmet meals; all you have to do is show up and ski. You will be sharing the lodge with a small group of friends in a remote wilderness setting. Having a guide will ensure that you get the best ski week possible. Their familiarity with the area will allow you to comfortably travel to some of the farther corners of Icefall’s huge area.

Icefall backcountry ski terrain


To ski tour with a guide at Icefall Lodge you must be an advanced skier. Previous backcountry experience is helpful, but everybody has a first time. At a ski hill you should be comfortable skiing black diamond runs, although if you can ski powder better than piste this may not be a problem. Either telemark or randonee gear is fine. If you are on telemark equipment you should have stiff boots and modern powder skis. If you are on randonee, the boots are stiff and it is still good to have modern powder skis. Your boots should be broken in and not giving you blisters. Snowboarders should be using a split board setup and should be experienced with their equipment.
Mons Hut

Hut traverses

Icefall Lodge has not one but two satellite huts. These are situated on the Lyell and Mons Glaciers. They are both one day travel from Icefall Lodge. They exponentially increase the amount of terrain that can be accessed from Icefall Lodge. If the weather and conditions permit, guests will be given the option of traversing to one or both of the huts.

Helicopter Drops

Expand your options by using a helicopter drop off or pick up during the week. You can finish a 7000 foot run in a remote valley far from the lodge and get a ride back up to the lodge instead of skinning at the end of the day. Enquire for details.

The Experience

  • 7 nights comfortable lodging at Icefall Lodge

  • Access to all lodge ammenties including sauna

  • Access to two sattelite huts – Mons Hut and Lyell Hut

  • IFMGA and ACMG certified local guides

  • Gourmet meals prepared by lodge chef

  • Helicopter transport to and from lodge from the helicopter staging area outside of Golden, BC

  • Remote wilderness setting far from the crowds

  • Access to over 20 peaks, 30 glaciers, and 100 runs

  • Potential to add Helicopter drop offs


There will normally be 2 guides and a practicum at the lodge for a full group. The group will be split up to go on different tours each day. These groups are not rigid and you can switch back and forth between groups or choose an easier or bigger day depending on how you feel. Sometimes both groups will start out in the same direction and split up part way into the day. There is often one group that stays closer to the lodge allowing the option to return early if you want an easier day. Every effort will be made to make sure that you are with a group that matches your ability.


“Incredible terrain, great snow. Remote location, great staff.” – Mark Colville

“The trip exceeded my expectations. I thought the large group with varied abilities would cause some issues. Not so…having three guides worked out perfectly.”- Jack Donaldson

“Larry seems to strike the perfect balance between fun (like skiing with a friend) and respect for his judgement as the guide. I trust him with my safety while knowing if I follow him I’ll be grinning all day long. Well done!” – Jack Donaldson

“The staff caters to the differing skill levels and interests of the group so you can choose your own adventure so to speak. The food was incredible and the sauna/shower after a long walk in the alpine was fantastic. Great work all around!”- Spencer Dailey