Skied a new line off the west side of the Lyell Peaks. It has a vertical drop of 2200m (6800 ft) making it one of the longest runs at Icefall. It starts with a short 10 m rappel between Lyell 3 and 4. From there it descends a huge featured glacier for 1100m. This line was attempted on the 2010 ski mountaineering course but couldn’t be completed due to poor visibility.

The crux is an icefall about two thirds of the way down the glacier. The route that we found through it actually skis quite easily but you do want good light to find your way through the seracs. From there the line opens up and you realize what a big spectacular cirque you are in. There are big glaciers pouring down on all sides and you are surrounded by 11,000 foot peaks. The line finishes at Lyell Creek at 1200m.

The logical extension of this line is to start from the top of Ernest Peak (Lyell3). The elevation od Ernest is 3520m. This will make it the longest run at Icefall; 2320m, 7600 ft! Thanks to the group that made the long ski down and the big skin up with me.

The day starts at the Lyell Hut and finishes by skinning up over the Sharks Gate to drop down to Icefall Lodge