Icefall Lodge is situated at tree line with living room views of one of the most spectacular, rugged sections of the Canadian Rockies. It consists of two separate lodges and a sauna building. The new lodge is a bright, roomy, 3 story building with log posts and much of the lumber milled on site. The original building provides additional bedrooms and a separate living room. The lodge is the perfect location for ski touring with tree runs out the front door and a 4000 foot alpine run ending at the back door.

Icefall Lodge Backcountry Lodge


Relax, take the chill off and clean up after a day of skiing with the wood fired sauna. The sauna is heated by a small wood stove and has a separate change room. Shower water is heated in the sauna, and transferred to a watering can. There are two separate shower stalls where the watering can is hoisted up and tied off.
Icefall lodge chef


The kitchen has been moved into the new lodge. It is bigger, brighter and has more counter space. There is a cold room vented to the outside for refrigeration. It has a 4 burner propane oven, and all cooking and eating utensils for self catered groups. Better yet, sit back and enjoy the views while a chef prepares gourmet meals for you. The dining room is spacious with lots of room for lounging or stretching.
Icefall lodge bedrooms


There are an extra 4 bedrooms with the completion of the new lodge. Each of these rooms has two single beds. The original lodge has another 5 bedrooms; two with 2 single beds and 3 with a queen size bed and a single. In addition there are 2 loft style rooms with low ceilings. Duvets, pillows and bedding are provided.


  • 9 bedrooms and 2 lofts can comfortably accommodate 18 guests in double or single rooms

  • Drying room with propane heater

  • Sauna and shower

  • 2 lodges, both with wood stoves, comfortable living rooms and glacier views out the front window

  • Indoor pee toilets

  • Satellite internet

  • Hut shoes

  • Ipod speakers

  • Yoga mats and plenty of room to stretch

Icefall lodge gear room

Drying Room

After a long day of skiing return to Icefall and set your boots by the fire. Then relax on the couches, visit the sauna, or get ready for dinner.
Icefall lodge yoga


Icefall Lodge has yoga mats and plenty of room to stretch out. Enjoy relaxing yoga after skiing or get warmed up first thing in the morning.
Icefall backcountry ski terrain powder


Enjoy sweeping glacier views from your living room window. The view is good from most lodges but the Rockies are just a bit more dramatic than most other ranges.

Satellite Huts and Snowfall Lodge

In addition to the main lodge complex, Icefall has two satellite huts within a day’s travel from the main lodge.  These huts enormously expand the amount of terrain that can be covered in day trips.  In addition, they can be combined to form a hut to hut traverse.  Finally Icefall has recently acquired a new tenure near Rogers Pass and has built an entirely new lodge: Snowfall Lodge.

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