Availability and Prices

Guided, Catered
Self Guided, Catered
Self Guided, Self Catered, up to 17
March 26- April 2Icefall Traverse- Spaces$2,350
March 26- 304 nights- Spaces Guided Catered$1,600
April 2- 9Spaces Guided Catered$2,250
April 9- 16Full$2,250
April 16- 204 nights-Spaces Guided Catered$1,600
April 16- 23Icefall Traverse- Spaces$2,350
April 23- 30Icefall Traverse- Spaces$2,350
April 23- 30Intro Ski Mountaineering Course$2,150
April 23- 30Advanced Ski Mountaineering Course$2,150
April 30- May 7Advanced Ski Mountaineering Course$1,900
DateAvailabilityGuided, CateredSelf Guided, CateredSelf Guided, Self Catered, up to 17
Dec 24- 31Available$2,3001,45017,000
Dec 31- Jan 7Full$2,300
Jan 7- 14Available$2,3001,55018,700
Jan 14- 21Spaces guided catered$2,3001,55018,700
Jan 21- 28Full$2,300
Jan 28- Feb 4Spaces self guided catered$2,3001,650
Feb 4- 11Full$2,300
Feb 11- 18Spaces guided catered$2,300
Feb 18- 25Full$2,300
Feb 25- March 4Full$2,300
March 4-11Full$2,300
March 11-18Spaces guided catered$2,300
March 18- 25Full$2,300
March 25- April 1Spaces guided catered$2,300
April 1-8Spaces guided catered$2,300
April 8- 15Icefall Traverse$2,400
April 15- 22Icefall Traverse$2,4001,65020,400
April 22- 29Icefall Traverse$2,4001,55018,700
April 29- May 6Advanced Ski Mountaineering Course$2,300
May 6- 13Available$2,3001,45017,000
All prices subject to 5% gst

3 Nights$1,500$1,425
4 Nights$1,650$1,575
7 Nights$2,250$2,150
Icefall Traverse (4 days, July-Sept)$1,400

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